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I take care of both my parents and haven't had a day off in almost 4 years. The respite five hours a week is such a blessing. It gives me time to run errands and if I have time left over, I take myself out to lunch or go to a park and read a book. Those five hours are a gift of time that I never had.
Teri D., Caregiver


Carlos Martinez, newly named President and CEO of United HomeCare, featured in the Miami Herald's ‘Mover's Spotlight' section.

July 27, 2015


Name: Carlos Martinez
New job: President and chief executive officer of United HomeCare.
Previously: He was CFO and COO at the organization.
Also: Before joining UHC in 2008, he was CFO for the Alliance for Aging for Miami-Dade and Monroe.
Education: Martinez earned a bachelor's degree in accounting and received an associate’s degree in business administration from Miami Dade College. He is a certified public accountant (state of Texas) and a member of the Texas Society of Public Accountants.
Best advice he ever received: The best advice I have received is to remain focused on our corporate mission which is “To make a difference in the lives of individuals by offering community-based health care solutions that promote independence and wellness.” Every success we’ve had, including my own, is because we’ve remained laser focused on that mission.

A link to the announcement can be found here.