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I think Bob was able to get the most out of how he wanted to spend the remaining part of his life because of your help and the amazing Wendy, his caregiver. His remaining time without the help of your organization would have been completely different and we thank you very much for all that you did to allow Bob, a Navy veteran with an incredible independent spirit, live as he wanted to.
Joe R., Caregiver to neighbor

You Can Make a Difference

Give to Older Adults

For over 50 years, United HomeCare® has made a difference in the lives of our community's frail elderly, disabled adults, and family caregivers, by helping them to age in place at home with dignity and respect.

Older adults can count on us to help them live at home independently surrounded by love and what they hold so dear. Personal care, assistance with dressing, bathing, housekeeping, shopping, errands, medication, medical supplies, counseling, caregiver support, and hot piping meals delivered to their homes are among some of the many services we provide. A loving Aide and friendly and familiar face are daily reminders that we are there for them and they are not alone. Due to limited public funding, there are over a thousand frail seniors currently on our waiting list to receive care. Many of them in their 80s and 90s who live alone.

Give to our very important cause and make a positive difference to help our community's elderly. Brighten their lives by giving them the gift of home care and hope to prevent institutional placement in their golden years.

For other payment options, please complete this donation pledge form.

For more than 50 years, UHC has brought vital healthcare services to people at home, at dramatically lower costs than nursing home and hospital care. But still there are many people in need that we cannot reach without the financial generosity of our South Florida community. Today, as one of the largest home health and community care services organizations in Florida, we encourage donations to our charitable giving programs in order to reach more people in need of services, but without the means to pay.

Please help us help our home-bound clients in need, and those on our waiting list that we cannot yet reach, by making a financial contribution to one or several of the following programs. Any amount will make a difference in a homebound person's life.

Select a program below to learn more and make a donation.

Caregiver Resources benefiting Caregiver Heroes and Older Adults

  • Support Caregiver Heroes and older adults. Your donation will help to support caregiver trainings and directly impact the quality of life of older and disabled homebound adults served by United HomeCare.

    The Caregiver Resources and Training Library (CRCTL) Project, offers Formal and Informal Caregivers home care training opportunities, information, education and support. United HomeCare aims to empower caregivers to attain the skills needed to assist older adults at home, fostering dignity and independent living, and preventing institutional placement.

    FREE Training is offered to Formal Caregivers and Informal Caregivers. Training for Formal Caregivers prepares individuals who want to learn and work in the Home Health Aide (HHA) vocation. Training for Informal Caregivers prepares family members and friends with healthcare skills needed to assist their loved ones at home. Our training video library provides information on a variety of skill sets and techniques designed to teach safe bathing for bedbound individuals, transferring techniques from bed to wheelchair, toileting, and more. All caregivers learn proper body mechanics to help prevent injuries and gain insight into stress management practices, and much more.

    Your donation will help us to expand our library and offerings.

Dare to Dream

  • This program helps us fulfill basic unmet needs and wants for clients and those on the waiting list – things that are not covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance. Meeting these needs can make life a little easier and mean the difference between existing and thriving.

    The need may be as simple as a piece of basic furniture or an appliance, or it could include special equipment to allow a client to remain at home rather than going to a nursing home. The want could be anything to make the client happier from new painting supplies to new clothing.

    If you would like to make an in-kind donation to Dare to Dream, please call our Customer Care Center at 305-716-0710 to arrange delivery and ensure that your donation can be of use to our client. We only accept like new or barely used items.

    Help this program brighten others' lives by donating today!

Holiday Giving Baskets

  • Holidays can be among the best days of our lives – or the loneliest. Help us brighten the holidays for the homebound by contributing to our Holiday baskets program, which provides a full meal to our neediest clients. This may be the only gift our clients receive each year for the holidays.

Emergency Alert Devices

  • Most of our clients - and those on our waiting list - would benefit significantly from an emergency alert device. However, funding does not allow us to provide them to everyone.

    Your contribution will make it possible for more frail, elderly and disabled adults to get emergency assistance with the touch of a button.

Waiting List Assist

  • Due to limited funds and the need to prioritize services to the most frail, many elderly and disabled adults must wait for assistance. There are hundreds of people on our waiting list, and the average wait time is six months!

    Your contribution will help us provide interim services to someone on the waiting list. This will ensure that they can live at home comfortably.

Annual Luncheon & Claude Pepper Awards

  • Each year, United HomeCare® hosts an annual event at which distinguished members and corporations in our community are bestowed the Claude Pepper Award. Now in its 29th year, the event has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help United HomeCare fulfill the unmet needs of the frail, elderly and disabled in Miami-Dade County. It has empowered us to develop new innovations in caring to help clients remain in the comfort of their home settings and enjoy greater independence.

    Through his lifetime of public service as a U.S. Senator from Florida and in other capacities, Senator Pepper championed numerous humanitarian causes, many related to the needs of elderly persons. The Claude Pepper Memorial Awards honor individuals and corporations that, like the Honorable Claude Pepper, have made significant contributions to meeting the needs of the elderly and/or the disabled in Miami-Dade County. The event has become known as a signature gathering of some of South Florida's most dedicated, inspirational individuals and organizations.

    For more information on the annual awards event, please click here.

If your company would like to act as a major or overarching sponsor of several programs and projects, please call us at 305-716-0764.