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Telehealth has kept me balanced and has saved us from many unnecessary ER/hospitalization visits. It's not just a machine, it is the ability to speak with a nurse, which is my life line.
Surama O. & Alva C., clients

Board of Directors

Dr. Maria De Los Santos, PhD

Maria has been a Clinical Assistant Professor for the Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health Sciences at Florida International University since 2007. She also serves as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner for the Psychiatric Practice at Occupational Psychiatry and Well Being of Florida since 2018.
Previously, Maria was an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner for Family Practice at the offices of Dr. Oscar Galvez, M.D.
Maria was a finalist for the Nursing Category of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce “Healthcare Heroes Award” in 2013 and nominated for the Faculty Excellence in Service Award at FIU in 2012.
She received her BSN, MPH, and MSN from Florida International University; post-masters certificate and PhD from Florida Atlantic University; and DNP from the University of Iowa.